5 Toys Perfect for Summer

Summer is right at the corner. You know what that means- it’s time to stock up on summer toys! Instead of sitting in your favourite chair while watching the kids run amok inside the house, breaking things and pulling each other’s hair, you can finally take them outside to enjoy the warm weather.

This can only mean one thing, you’re looking for some cool new outdoor toys that your kids can have fun with this summer. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our list of the top 5 summer toys for 2017!

1. Blast Pad Advanced Missile Launcher

blast pad advanced missile launcher

How high can your little astronaut launch a missile? It’s time to find out with the Blast Pad Advanced Missile Launcher. Without a doubt, your kid will have a blast with this little gizmo. One of the best summer toys for boys, this is a new piece that will allow him to express himself without causing havoc. It’s the perfect outdoor gadget for energetic boys who range between 6 years to 12 years. It comes with an easy set up (rocket science not required) and it also provides easy storage, all you need to do is fold the toy neatly into its base.

2. Castle Shaded Baby Pool

Castle Shaded Baby Pool

Are you looking for baby’s first pool? Forget the old, conventional plastic kiddie pool, it’s become somewhat unoriginal. Your best bet is with the Castle Shaded Baby Pool. Resembling a true castle, this interesting piece is perfect for your little prince or princess. Parents can fill the castle with coloured plastic balls. It’s recommended for children between ages 12 months to 3 years with constant parent supervision.

3.Poof Pop Fly

Poof Pop Fly

For those with baseball inspirations, Poof Pop Fly serves as a great learning tool. It will help your kids perfect their throwing and catching techniques. During play, your kids will have to throw bean bags at the paddle in order to get a pop fly thrown into the air. Thanks to Poof Pop Fly, practicing hand eye coordination has never been this much fun. It’s one of our favourites and recommended for kids of all ages.

4. Kidoozie FoamJumper

Kidoozie FoamJumper

Kids just love to jump, that’s why Pogo sticks will never get old. However, the typical Pogo stick is a little too big for the young ones. But this does not apply to the Kidoozie’s Foam Pogo. It can be adjusted to fit children of all ages. Believe it or not, this jumper can support up to 100kg. Thanks to its foam covering, the new Kidoozie Foam Jumper provides a safer way to pogo.

5. Banana Bed AirChair

The banana bed inflatable lounge is the quickest and most comfortable way to relax this summer. These inflatable lounges work great in any terrain and don’t require a pump to inflate. Simply rock up, roll out your banana and scoop in some air and clip it up. There you have it, you are 100% ready to get your relaxing started. These things are super comfy and are sure to be a massive hit this summer with kids and parents alike!

6. Banzai Play Mat Sprinkle and Splash

Banzai Play Mat Sprinkle and Splash

For the hot summer months ahead, water toys will prove to be absolutely essential. The Banzai Play Mat is perfect for getting your young ones wet. The mat sprouts out streams of water creating what most of us would call a puddle. Its much safer compared to a kiddie pool. Here is an interesting thought, its serves as a great tool for dogs to run through for a quick cool off. Best suited for toddlers aged between 3 months to 3 years.



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