Baby Games Create Clever Kids

games for mental stimulation babies

games for mental stimulation babiesBabies love to be stimulated. While a tiny little baby might seem contented in his or her crib, looking at the brightly coloured mobiles that hang over the crib, the more entertainment and stimulation they receive, the better they like it. Unless of course, they are sleepy or hungry.

The thing about babies is that they are often sleepy or hungry because they are going through an incredible period of development of their little bodies. And of their minds, too. This is why meeting their needs calls for more than simply keeping them well nourished, well rested, and clean and dry.

Mental Development Through Games

Baby games are the ideal way to carry their development over into the mental development arena. Games can help them thrive physically and mentally.

Since stimulation of the senses is a major part of what babies love about playing games, the more colours, sounds, and shapes that their toys have, the more fun they have. And the more they learn.

There are online baby games that offer a great deal of sensory impact. However, since baby’s favourite sound and sight is you, they will want you to play along with them with online games.

As your baby gets a little older and his or her hand-eye coordination is manageable, educational toys are a great source of fun for them. Big bright pieces that can be fitted together or stacked or set into matching holes are great for developing their motor coordination.

One of the oldest baby games is peek-a-boo. It’s a natural for amusing your baby and you have all the tools you need wherever you are – your hands. Baby loves the surprise of seeing you reappear from behind your hands. Since you can’t help but laugh at the glee of the games, baby gets the bonus of hearing your laughter.
Make a game of any activity that you do with your baby. For instance, a baby bathing game can be fun. You can acquaint the baby with the parts of his or her body. Playing with toes and fingers and feet and hands and singing while you do so can make bath time a wonderful experience.

Small babies are not into dress up games but dolls, plush animals, and teddy bears are classic. You can dress up the doll, bunny or bear in a bright outfit. For baby, everything is a first and making a game of everything is a super way to keep the baby’s brain busy building great neuro-pathways.

For a very young baby, your singing is a great source of entertainment. Even if you think you cannot sing, it is the magic of your voice that your child loves, not your ability to have perfect pitch. Since baby could listen to you sing all day, you might want to add in some recorded music to supplement your tunes.

Even if he or she does not understand words, it is never too early to start reading. There is a huge assorted of baby books on the market. The bigger and brighter the books are, the better baby loves them.

Speaking of books, this brings educational toys to mind. In their own way, all baby games are educational because baby is learning at such a rapid rate. Some are more educational than others because of the special design and expertise that has gone into the concept of the game.

Some people think in terms of games for girls and games for boys but each baby has his or her own personality and likes and dislikes so don’t limit your choices. And don’t limit the stimulation to baby games. Liven up baby’s room with bright murals or posters on the wall.

The joys of playing baby games with your little one are immense. Not only do you create a bond that will never break, you are challenging the baby’s brain and providing it the growth that will last a lifetime. His or her brain will be well developed and learning will be easier for your child through his or her whole life.


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