Cell Phone Risks Among Children

Modern communication devices like cellular phones are usually used by adults. However, given the rather easy way of using these portable gadgets, it is no longer surprising to find little children having fun with handsets of their own. Seldom are they aware that they are being exposed unwittingly to several cell phone risks.

A number of studies have been made about the possible health effects of using mobile phones. However, many of these are centered on adult users without taking into account that even children have become highly knowledgeable when it comes to navigating the many features of a given handset.

In any case, a few researches have been made on this growing phenomenon, and the results have not been encouraging. Since children still have to develop a fully functional immune system, they are naturally more susceptible to contracting various disorders while getting hold of seemingly harmless portable devices like mobile phones.

As such, cell phone risks could prove to be more serious when it involves innocent children. In other words, children, including those in their teenage years, stand a greater chance of developing certain diseases like brain tumors as a consequence of being exposed to cell phone radiation.

Risk of Cell Phone During PregnanctAccording to a study conducted by Swedish Professor Lennart Hardell, children normally have thinner skulls, and this allows radiation to penetrate more easily. The depth of penetration can vary, but there are cases when this can reach up to the midbrain area. When this becomes the case, according to the study, the resulting tumors, once they begin to develop, could eventually turn out to be fatal.

Even unborn children are not exempted from cell phone risks especially if the mothers are frequent handset users while carrying their child in the womb. This is the result of a 2008 research which also revealed that when the babies reach their school age years, they are bound to show signs of hyperactivity apart from a few other disorders.

The same research added that as these children begin to make use of mobile phones themselves, at least 80 percent of them will show difficulties in behavior. This can include ineffective management of emotions and a general inability to relate with other people, notably their peers.

Given these cell phone risks, the immediate solution for most parents is to disallow their children from using handsets. However, this is easier said than done, especially since mobile phones have become virtual signature devices of the present generation.

Children Using Cell PhonesGiven this, a more acceptable alternative is to ask children to turn off their personal phones when these are not being used. Cellular phones are known to emit radiation for as long as these are turned on, and not only when a call is being made.

Additionally, cell phone radiation can be further reduced if children can make calls only during important or emergency situations. Making calls just to talk to friends are better done through the regular landline phones as these will be a lot safer.

Finally, parents need to realize that they have a serious responsibility when it comes to keeping their children away from unnecessary exposure to various cell phone risks. One basic guide that parents should find worth following is to determine if their children really need to have a mobile phone of their own. In many cases, children can end up being better adults by focusing on their studies rather than spending time tinkering with wireless gadgets. For playtime, they can have non-electronic educational toys which is just as fun games on mobile gadgets.

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