Kids Christmas Gift Ideas 2016

Christmas gift ideas for kids

It’s time to start planning because Christmas is around the corner and apart from the Christmas tree, you need different presents for your children. It’s never too early to start organizing gifts for the kids, because before you know it, it’s Christmas Eve and you’re running around like a mad person trying to get something for every member of the family! It’s stressful to be under the gun when people start posting countdowns to the big day while you are busy trying to get gifts for your children.

If you are worried about Christmas gift ideas for 2016, we have that covered for you. Here are the top selling toys and products from the best retailers that we’ve come across so relax, we’ve done the legwork for you!

AirChair for kids

AirChair Inflatable Lounge

Christmas should be time of comfort, so ensure your kids are comfy with these revolutionary designed inflatable lounges. The AirChair inflatable lounge is the perfect present you can give your child. No more time wasted with blowing up a lounge with a pump; this chair is quickly inflated – simply scoop some air, roll it up and chill out! The comfort of the AirChair inflatable chair is unmatched, making it the perfect gift for any member of the family who loves lounging around in the pool or at the beach. This is one of those gifts that scream summer Christmas in Australia.

Hatchimals Egg

Hatchimals Egg

It is no secret that all year round, these eggs have been a big seller. So it’s understandable why every child will be expecting them for Christmas. It’s fun and interactive and your child will be happy that you read their minds. The egg will hatch into some surprise animal (magic!) and who knows what it could be!

Pokemon Z-ring Set

Pokemon Z-ring Set

This one is new and a top seller in the market today. The set is compatible with the latest video games within the Nintendo 3Ds family system. Your child will be fully occupied and you may as well say goodbye to them till next summer.

Diamond-Lustre Bike (20”)

Diamond-Lustre Bike

A new bike is an oldie but a goodie! If your child has ditched the training wheels and would want to take the next riding challenge, it’s time to throw something worthwhile their way. The Diamond lustre 20-inch bike is the best gift for them this Christmas. The entire family will be able to hit the road and have fun together like Santa and his reindeers!

Y Glider Deluxe Scooter

Y Glider Deluxe Scooter

If your child is not big enough to handle the Razor Scooter there is an alternative. The Y glider deluxe scooter is a hot product perfect for your little one. It’s going to be in many shopping baskets this Christmas and you shouldn’t be one to miss out. The ride is smooth thanks to the long lasting wheels. You will probably even be able to pass it to your next kid!

Selfie-Mic Music Set

Selfie Mic Music Set

If you want to bring out the star in your child, this Christmas is the perfect time. And what better way than a music set that your kid can sing along with. The Selfie-Mic music set has the potential to raise the star in your child. Good news is that new songs are added each day.

You know your children better so picking a gift for them from this list will be a breeze. Remember Christmas is a time of giving, but that doesn’t always have to be stuff! Remember to set aside some time to give each other the love and attention you all deserve and create wonderful family memories, as these will last forever, long after they’ve outgrown their toys.


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