Kids Costume Ideas for Halloween

kids halloween costume ideas

Halloween is a fun time of the year for ghosts, goblins, witches, and things that go bump in the night! It’s a time for fairies, princes, ballerinas, and the magic of childhood. Halloween doesn’t just have to be a holiday simply for children. Whether you are living it up at a Halloween party, throwing one of your own, or dressing up the kids and taking them on a trick-or-treat excursion, Halloween is yours to enjoy as well, so get in the mood to trick or treat your neighbourhood!

Having Fun at Halloween

The best way to enjoy Halloween is to engage in the festivities of the season. Carve a pumpkin. Watch scary movies. Eat lots of candy. And by all means, dress up for the occasion. Finding that perfect costume idea is a daunting task, but only because there are so many choices! If you are in the market for kids Halloween costumes, keep these suggestions in mind for some sure-fire winners the kids will love:

Halloween Costumes For Kids

child wolfmanThe Wolf Man

This costume idea is a great one for both kids and adults. It invokes the rambunctious spirit of the holiday with images of a full moon and the dense, mysterious haze of fog on the English moors. Popularized by the classic universal horror film, and again by the 2010 remake, this is one creature, which has endured in popular culture as one of the quintessential movie monsters. Nothing illustrates the holiday better than this costume homage to one of the Greats.

prison costumeThe Convict

As far as kids Halloween costumes go, this is a great one for boys or girls and calls on the spirit of the fast-paced, freewheeling “public enemy” days of the 1930’s. With the traditional pinstripe look, this costume makes the old black-and-white fashionable and festive. This is a terrific idea for couples, as it is reminiscent of Bonnie and Clyde and other ill-fated, star-crossed romances, and is sure to be a crowd-pleaser at parties.

flowerchild hippy costumeFlower Child

It is another great idea in the pantheon of a kids Halloween costumes. This idea will take both you and your visitors on trips back in period of music and love. Recreate Woodstock with some epic flare pants, blouse, waist sash, glasses and retro-jewellery for a far-out look. These psychedelic looks are so versatile you could theme a whole party in them, and get by with some help from your friends.

zombie cheerleader girls costumeThe Cheerleader

While this look works for adults, it’s adorable when used for kids Halloween costumes. Imagine your little girl in a skirt and pom-poms! You could dress her up with the green and gold, or perhaps opt for one of your favourite sports teams. She will win the hearts of every house you visit with a smile and cheer. The only problem? All that extra candy she will be getting as a result of her team spirit.

homemade superheroThe Superhero

Boys and girls alike will love these cute kids Halloween costumes. From Hawkgirl to Wonder Woman and Batman to Superman, the Superhero look has something that will appeal to both genders. Kids love to dress up as their favourite heroes, and going this route will truly excite them into a frenzy that may just make Halloween their favourite holiday for some time to come! Good thing about superhero costumes is that if you’re handy with a sewing machine, you could whip up your own in a flash!

Do not let Halloween pass without finding the perfect costume for your kids. With so many to select from, the only difficulty comes in narrowing down your options. Whatever you decide, have a happy and safe holiday!




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