Nursery Design Ideas for your New Baby’s Room

Baby room decor is an essential consideration for your child’s happiness and well-being. You want the new member of your family to have a comfy, healthy, serene and safe environment. Although designing a nursery can be a fun and rewarding experience, it can also be a daunting task – particularly if you are doing it for the first time. For this reason it is best to look at what others have been doing to see what you like and don’t like, and what you think will best fit for your new baby’s room interior design and existing nursery decor.

Because we live work and breath all things child-related, we understand the reasons behind parents investing heavily in designing and decorating their nurseries. Some may do it just to make the room look impressive, but we’ve been awed by the number of parents who come to us with brilliant reasons as to why their kid’s room should be decorated and how they’ve gone about this. It’s important to note that nursery decor is good for your child’s health and most of all happiness. Experts have proven that a well-done nursery aids the mental health and development of the child.

For the baby’s basic development things such as colour, texture, shapes, sounds, and pictures can all help stimulate the senses. It is important to have the right decor to match your decorations too. The key decors items that you should have on your list include curtains, floor rugs, bedding sets, pillows, toys, furniture and play mats. Take a look online at sites that specialize in nursery decor, e.g. Milk Tooth for ideas on what is available and trending in market at the moment.

For those who are doing this for the first time or messed up in their previous attempts, there are basics to designing a nursery that you should adhere to, to pull off a classic display. Below are some dos and don’ts on how to decorate your nursery.

Nursery Room Dos

Choose a Specific Theme

This is one of the mistakes that most parents make while decorating their baby room. If you’re doing it yourself, focus on a single concept. With this tip you’ll be able to narrow your focus to come up with a more cohesive design. Any attempt to choose on an array of themes can turn out ridiculous if improperly applied. Consider a monochrome or grey nursery, or pick a specific colour theme for the room so you have a plan from the outset and stick to it.

Pax and Hart Nursery Decor

Choose Textiles before Paint

Be very careful while shopping for the textiles such as the O.B design ripple blanket, curtains, wool felt ball rug or baby bedding. Don’t make the mistake of buying these textiles after the colour scheme of the has been determined. This might backfire on you, and thus it’s easier to choose the textile first and then buys the paint to match. Otherwise, you might find yourself trapped between choosing from either of the two thus failing to get the best out of the decoration. Similarly, any wall art purchases such as that by Pax and Hart should be done before paint colours are selected to make sure everything will match.

Identify the Focal Point

This is a crucial factor to be considered while decorating any space. For most nurseries, the focal point is usually in the crib, but there are numerous options that you can select from. For instance, if you’ve a large window you can have beautiful curtains and other nursery decors to help draw focus. A colourful felt ball rug also makes a good centrepiece for a baby room. Similarly, you can use signature piece such as some wooden mushrooms, sleepy eyes wooden decor or over-sized soft toys to draw people’s attention as they walk in the room.

Leave the Room to Grow

You need to think long term if you’re to do the design and decoration right. Remember that your child is growing and their needs will be demanding as they grow. The small bassinet-style crib may look darling now but not for long. Make sure that you have left enough room for expansion for additional features to accommodate the child development, including beds, desks and space for storage of toys etc.

Spacious Baby Rooms

Check for Safety

Safety comes first. Make sure that the crib doesn’t have sharp edges, and will be stable from falls. The lighting and the electrical should be done right for the baby’s safety. Make sure that the room is noise and fire proof.

For more great tips on creating your perfect nursery take a look at this online guide.

Nursery Room Don’ts

Avoid Harsh Lighting

Young children’s vision is very sensitive to intense lighting. Installing dimmer overhead lighting fixture is highly recommended, particularly directly over the crib.

Windows and Electrical Outlets

Windows are often neglected areas and should be a safety concern. Make sure that you have them covered and safe so your child cannot fall or climb out them. Use special curtains to pull off classic look while offering absolute security. Ensure all electrical plugs are either covered or up high so they cannot be reached by small fingers.

Don’t Forget the Nightlight

Nightlight provides safety and comfort during the late-night feedings. This is important particularly in the early development of the child.

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