The Latest Technology in Baby Proofing

babyproofing technology

The ways that you can protect your children in this day and age are truly mind-blowing. Technology in baby proofing is playing a larger role in your child’s safety more than ever before in history. However, the simplicity of manual locks, latches, and other safety devices have not been completely lost. Today, the devices designed for your child’s safety are carefully constructed for holding a door closed, observing the sleep of your precious little one, maintaining safe boundaries in and around your home, and even tracking the temperature of your home so that you not only are saving energy, but also watching the safety of the temperature levels within your home. The following devices are just a taste of what is available in the ever-growing child safety world of today.

The Perma Refrigerator Lockfridge locker

This unique fridge & freezer safety lock is designed in black and white and is one of the easiest locks to apply. First off, clean the surface thoroughly where the safety latch will be secured. The two bases have strong adhesives. Attach one side to the mainframe of the refrigerator and the other side to a door. The lock can be easily clicked in and out of place as you open and close the door to the refrigerator. It is best to secure these locks for both the fridge and the freezer doors. Perma has plenty of useful babyproofing products with plenty of installation videos on their Youtube Channel.

The NestThe-Nest

This special smart tool includes a thermostat, motion sensor night light, a self-testing smoke alarm, analog clock, and a camera with secure streaming through The Nest app, this device may also work with Alexa with the proper connections. When not at home the device turns the temperature down automatically to save energy while you are away. Available in copper, black, white, stainless steel this amazing smart tool will match any part of your home with the utmost sophisticated style and charm. check out their channel for more use cases.

SmartThings systemSmartThings-system

This device can be placed anywhere that you would like to set up a boundary for your child. The pool, yard, garden, staircase, front or backdoor are all great examples of spaces that children need to be protected from if unsupervised for any reason. The connecting app will alert you when or if these limits are breached. You can be aware of your child coming home or leaving without permission or entering an area of your home that may be potentially dangerous.

Next Door

This is a helpful app is designed to connect neighbors so that they may more easily network, communicate about events and carpooling, and brainstorm about anything from the best babysitters and parks to the latest safety technology for protecting the children in their neighborhood. This will also show the records of the latest break-ins which will make it easier for the community to bind together in protecting one another in hopes that it will also prevent more robberies from occurring.


Is your baby sick, but you don’t want to keep waking them in order to take their temperature? This adhesive technological device tracks your baby’s temperature even while sleeping. The app also has the ability to send reports to the child’s pediatrician.

Tracking StickersTracking-Sticker

This adhesive tracking device can be attached to anything from clothing or toys to a backpack, lunch box, or your child’s shoe. This product is connected to an app so you can track your child’s belongings or their personal whereabouts as they are at a playdate, birthday party, coming home from school on their own, or playing at the local park unsupervised. With this product, your child’s safety is brought to the next level of security.

Sleep IQ


This is a Sleep Number device that will examine the sleep patterns of your child each night and alert you if they wander from their bed in the middle of the night. This is especially helpful if your child is known to sleepwalk or if they easily become restless and have not yet built up the habit to put themselves to sleep. Now you can rest easy as this safety tool helps you track your active little one.

There is no such thing as too much help when it comes to the safety of your child. As you are raising your child there may be many circumstances that are thrown into your face with no warning whatsoever. With these devices and so many more that have not been listed here, you may have peace of mind as your little one moves through the different stages of maturity. As uncomplicated and durable as these tools are, the perspective both you and your child have of their safety will hopefully change forever. These budget-friendly, simple safety tools of locks, specialty apps, location stickers, and alert devices could potentially save your child from great danger. Securing the space that your child is raised in is the most priceless gift you will ever bless them within their entire life.

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