The Magic of Bobble Art

baby bobble art bag

baby bobble art bagBobble Art is a phenomenon that may not have started out with children in mind but since the founders, Brad and Jacqui Marabel-Whitburn have seven children, it is fairly certain that the designs stemmed out of their great relationship with and their love for children.

They have artists’ eyes and when they started out in 1999 with hair accessories, maybe it was just a fun “mum and pop” kind of hobby turned into small business. Bobble Art may have been a play on bauble art. They were creating mere baubles that quickly turned into something much bigger than imagined.

It is all about the art. The designs are bright and compelling and they cover just about any accessory that you can imagine. You can find luggage in Bobble Art patterns. You can also find jewellery boxes, Bobble Art drink bottles, Bobble Art stationery, lunchboxes…well it might be shorter to list the items that are not done up in Bobble Art.

When they started, Brad and Jacqui offered just a few hair accessories but the company grew and grew and is not considered to be the leading supplier of iconic accessories for children in Australia.

To make that completely clear, the company is located in Australia but the Bobble Art experience has spread far beyond Australia. You can find Bobble Art designs in Asia and Europe, including London’s Harrods. The first actual Bobble Art store only opened in 2011 in Sydney’s Westfield Burwood.

Bobble Art contains designs within designs in iconic designs that the Marabel-Whitburns personally design. There are flowers, both tiny and large, within other shapes such as hearts. And the range of product is expanding all the time. How about a Bobble Art canvas backpack? Or a Bobble Art bowling bag? Or a Bobble Art canvas duffel bag?

Not all the designs are flower based. Here is an example. The PVC soft pencil case comes in four designs – Bambi, babushka (or baboushka, depending on where you live), racing cars, and hearts. The Bobble Art Spiral Bound journal comes in babushka and spotty. Trunks come in jungle and planes designs.

The Bobble Art Hard Lunchbox comes in babushka, spotty, spring, traffic, and jungle. There are butterfly patterns, multi-heart patterns, pastel spots, star and stripe, rocket, woodland, and dinosaur. The list of designs goes beyond this. And so do the list of products. There is also a soft Bobble Art lunch box.

The Bobble Art Range

There are more than forty types of products. Jacqui and Brad’s seven children are their market research team is right in their home – their seven children. The children test all the products and are quite vocal about what they and what they really like.

Not only do the Bobble Art designs tap into the mind of a child, they make perfect collectibles. You can choose your favourite design and see how many of the items in that design that you can collect.

The colours are bright but pastel which is a challenge in itself. Bright pastels in startling designs are definitely eye-catching. They are whimsical and although they are designed with children in mind, many adults would appreciate the Bobble art barrel pencil case and journal and maybe even the lunchboxes and drink bottles.

Even the Marabel-Whitburns must be surprised at the appeal of their designs. The bold yet gentle colors, the whimsy of the dinosaurs, planes, and other designs, and the quality construction all contribute to the Bobble Art fantasy lovers. They are treasures more than they are toys.


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